Comic Artist : Dini Marlina

Dini Marlina

Dini Marlina is a freelance illustrator whose hobbies are drawing, reading comic books, singing, and watching anime. Born in August 8th, under the star sign Leo, she started to make comercial comic books in 2013. Her first comic book was a comic book for children called KKPK, then she started to make romance comic books and finally, she joined with re:ON Comics in 2014.

Dini Marlina


11:30AM ARTFLUENCER Talk Show:
C Suryo Laksono & Dini Marlina

DAY 2 – 30 APRIL 2017 SUNDAY

12:15PM Art Duel: Semi Finals
• Rahmat M Handoko
• Dini Marlina
• Chris Lie
with Jeanice Ang (MC)

Name: Dini Marlina
Dob: 8 August 1989
Hobby: Drawing, watching anime, reading comic, listening to music, and sleeping.
Fav. Comic: Hai Mikoo, Yotsuba&, Tapestry, Pita Ten

– Comic Compilation KKPK next G: Ballerina Contest (Mizan) (2013)
– Comic Compilation KKPK next G: Ballerina Contest 2 (Mizan) (2014)
– Comic Compilation Bubblepop Book no. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 9 (2014)
– 2015:
Princess Academy: Sepatu Ballet.
Princess Academy : Biola Persahabatan.
– 2016 :
Judith Pentas Kandas (db comic) published by Bentang Komik.
Princess Academy (Rainbow Island edition) : Bubblegum Girl and Arwah Piano.
– re:ON Comics – Math (2015)
– re:ON Comics – Reon and friends (2016)

– 1st Winner of Lomba Komik Pulsa Q. Title: Icut & Tante @Virtual Comic Zone (2013)
– Fav. Winner of Simpati Loop. Title: Ada Cinta di Sekolah (2014)
– 3rd Winner of Lomba Manga Harumatsui Uhamka (2010)
– 3rd Winner of Gelar Jepang Universitas Indonesia Comic Contest (2011)

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